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    1. It was more of an act of kindness. I figured she would want her final resting place to be a place where she would feel most comfortable.

    2. If that is correct, she obviously doesn’t know they sell soap for her stinkin’ ass twat. I bet she got the knife to threaten them with there though. Little did she know the smell eminating off her would have sufficed.

    3. @Ambrosia Is that your sister?? Damn she look just like you and her Twat smell like your Rotten Dead Fishy….

  1. she just wanted an orgasm!! she just needs to wash her twat and go shake that fat disgusting ass on a street corner 😛

    1. the police are sick fucks they probably fingered her and made her shit on tray just in case she was packing

  2. @Dora You the only person Alive today…. After eating Ambrosia Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy…. But see a Doctor for the Rash around your Mouth…..

  3. 110% fake. No news article would use the word pussy, or even UM…. and to be honest, it was not that funny. Fail to whomever wrote this and bigger fail to those who believe it is true!!!

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