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    1. You shall forever remember this point in history as the peak of your lifetime achievements. May you forever grant this story of how you were the quickest and most adept to type “First!!!” in a message board onto your first of kin as it will likely be heralded as an accomplishment for your entire lineage.

    1. Yes she should never have been allowed to drive any kind of a vehicle. I wouldn’t even trust her with a bicycle.

  1. Wow, this is so sad! The bitches scream mockingly, like they are on some sort of thrill ride. Then they get mad at the driver to get out of the way. Must have rich parents to get them out of everything.

  2. Who teaches these teenagers how to drive on ice? Everybody should know that you should drive faster and slam on the breaks a lot more when driving on ice. Duh!

  3. and a few years ago i used to ask myself if i should follow these kind of people… the bad influence , bad kids, unconcious generation………….hfjghjghjfghghf this sucks.

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