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    1. Lol…made my ears bleed it was so amazing! I would imagine “I can’t stand you anymore, get away from me” is not something he’s had to say too often. I will gladly stay away without him asking!

  1. It has been prophesied that a young singer will emerge, who will overthrow Gaga The Evil Goddess of Gays. His name is Heysus and he bears the mustache of labor.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. It’s either some kind of weird genius or a case of atypical fail syndrome.

  2. now I know what it feels like to pop a molly! its like being stuck in this tragic video! kids dont do drugs because it feels like this video!

  3. Sometimes I trust you, but not anymore.

    So… Does he completely trust or untrust them now? His skills in grammar are only matched by his music making skills.

  4. great, now this F**kin S**t is stuckin in my head
    Everybody, never ever play this piece of shit for more than 5 seconds, understand?

  5. “i know im not so perfect i know im not so cool, but dont try (1/2 tone missed) to like me (another 1/2 tone missed) cuz i know this rules” ( what the fuck does he-it says on this last line?)

    Its like if someone would go “oohh please like me! you are not so cool, but you know those rules!”

  6. can you believe this creature consumes same oxygen as rest of humanity does?
    and apparently it has side effects for this one

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