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    1. Really?? Lol I could name more than a few but look at her or its right hand?? Wtf is going on with that finger?

    1. She had one of those Way-Up-In-There itches. She must’ve bit the nails off of all the other fingers.

  1. Its when you use auto-bronzing tanning cream and you dont wash your hands!!! its pretty nasty it comes off after a couple of showers but its really disgusting looking !! Not at all worth the fake orange looking skin colour!

  2. How are people saying that’s a bandage? You can clearly see her fingernail which you wouldn’t be able to if it was a bandage & also her fingertip is brown too. My bet is on the fake tan, as others have mentioned.

  3. With the traditional Shocker, it’s the pinkie finger that’s brown so I’m guessing this is some sort of new European-style grip.

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