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    1. epic fail should be about fails, and sometimes a real win. putting up these fake FB and text-message jokes is neither fail nor win.

      Just filler-fake.

  1. this might be fake but the problem is that she is real and out there somewhere haveing children. We need to find it and kill it before it can breed.

    1. @Zero I’m not religious in any way but with that kind of logic I would seriously need to re-evaluate my life is I believed in some “intelligent design” bullshit.

    1. haven’t you heard? there’s billions of them, christians, muslims jews and the like, they all believe in the invisible sky daddy who can do magic tricks.

  2. To Ambrosia

    I’m God and your CUNT still smell like a Rotten Dead Fish….. To Dora, That RASH around your mouth will never go away…..

    1. @Dora You’re the only Dummy I know who would Eat Ambrosia Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy and Asshole… Too bad you have that RASH and PUS around your mouth as proof……. See a Doctor…..

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