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    1. Hey, look on the bright side… You, Zero and Mushroom penis are off to a good start with three so far… Hold on, let me add one… fuckin white guy… look at the stupid cracker play with his kid… instead of ignoring the fuck out of him… damn hard workin, educated bastards! There, how did I do? Does that make you feel better?

    1. Glad to help dude, you are very welcome. (if you are looking for political correctness, you are looking in the wrong place.)

    1. I think at some point, almost every father has held his child by the feet… maybe not over a keg… but still…

  1. Ok Thor good good point maybe i need a s ense of humor. But some people make racist remarks. How ever i see that your jst making jokes but soe people go over the top

    1. hahaha ~ I get you C. No worries, I get a little too sensitive over all of the “stupid American” comments on here… You just have to take it with a grain of salt.

    2. After checking the daily Uhmerican news it’s more like you need a block of salt. Like the ones put out for cows.

    3. Dora, that would be great! Could you pry one away from one of your dates for me? Just watch out so they don’t bite your fingers…

    1. Monterrey! I’ve been there. That’s where I was staying at the Holiday Inn and Madudo(or however you spell it) stayed there and all the teen girls were trying to get guys to let them stay in their rooms with them so they could see Ricky Martin (The Fag). I had been thinking it was Mexico City.

    1. Oh! Okay! You changed it back…hmm…I thought you were gonna keep it…like we’re going steady or something…Okay… Well… Nevermind.

    2. You! Ambster! You changed your doohickey and then changed it back! Don’t try to bullshit a bullshitter! No bullshit!

    3. Well, that is bullshit and you know it! I refreshed on this page and everybody’s doohickey was the same as always except for yours; which was just like mine! So: BULLSHIT!

    4. Lol Are you calling me a liar?? BECAUSE THEMS FIGHTIN WORDS!!! Why would I snatch your doohickey? BULLSHIT!!!

    5. Well, I don’t know why you stole my doohickey. Obviously, you’re into that kinda thing. But you did steal my doohickey; I am calling you a LIAR; and I demand some “recompense”. So, where is my “recompense”.
      If you’re gonna steal my doohickey, you better do something worthwhile with it besides just show it around.

    6. Play nice you two! You are going to scare the new guy away!

      Amb, if you were originally from around Texas, what area might you be around now?

    7. RECOMPENSE!? Wait just a fuckin’ minute!! Let us not forget I was compared to a cow in some form or fashion at one point…and I have YET to receive my due recompense!!! And I like showing off a doohickey, flash and wiggle it around!! Thank you very much!!! Where’s MINE!!! Lol @Thor I am currently in Oklahoma.

    8. He did! Lol something about cows vaginas and ointments…hell I don’t know but it pissed me off…lol

    9. That’s right Amby, Dora is an ass! You should forget all about that nasty guy and hang with me! I think I even recall him saying something about using a water hose to wash your mudflaps… Not trying to start anything, just sayin…

    10. What? You don’t know what a nutsack is worth? I was under the impression that you were a female.
      Are you gonna make me questiont that assumption?

    11. So you do know how much a nutsack is worth? Great! What? Tell me. I need to sell mine and get through this economy. What’s the market price?

      And I’m not an Uhmerican car manufacturer. I guarantee my goods; you’re not gonna get screwed for on your warranty. Money back, guaranteed. I promise.

  2. wow I started off n here being pissed beacuase I thought somebody was being racist lol and I moved on past that. I have no hard feelings towards anybody and some off the remmarks a re funny

    1. Well, there is a hell of a lot of racist talk here. I don’t think anyone that frequents this site could deny that.

    1. The color of you skin don’t matter to me
      As long as we can live in harmony
      Why can’t we be friends?
      Why can’t we be friends?

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