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    1. Had to have been. There would be clear damage to that machine if it had blown and there’s not. Someone probly set off a toner bomb.

    2. Yeah, It must’ve been the cartridge that exploded – which wouldn’t cause any serious or even discernible damage to the machine itself

    3. Actually.. I have on good authority that it’s quite easy to have happen. Because I’ve done it. See there’s this cartridge inside a laser xerox that collects excess toner waste… normally you would just take it out when it’s full and replace it with a new one. Unless you’re cheap, and want your employee to try to shake the toner out into a bag to empty the waste cartridge.. and well let’s just say toner is pretty fucking lightweight and once it gets out it flies.

  1. Dear epicfail,
    That’s not a printer, that’s a photocopier or as some people call it: A Xerox machine.

    Kind regards,
    Someone who can tell shit from Shinola

    1. Actually many photo copiers are also printers and many just call the machine a printer.

      Kind regards,
      Someone who knows how to read between lines.

  2. There is no damage to the machine. Just the door is open. There is nothing about a printre cartridge that can make it explode.

  3. Quick, get the vacuum. Vacuum it all up. Any vacuum will work.

    I hate toner messes. That shit just goes everywhere and takes forever to get it all cleaned up.

  4. Been in this business for 30 years. Most likely, note the foot prints around the 5 o’clock position, pretty much clean behind it. Shake up a toner cartridge like a soda bottle will impart air that is contained in the cartridge, which “unclumps” the toner that has settled during shipping. Shaking also against the plastic cartridge, will impart a slight electrical charge (rubbing your feet on carpet, touching metal) due to the electrical charge nature of toner.
    Now, open the seal on the cartridge wrong, or yank it in such a way that the opening is exposed and BOOM! out comes the toner. I would have loved to see the front of the person that did this….

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