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    1. Hmmm a DIDO? That must be some new fangled sex toy. Tell me 2homo, what is it? After all you will stick anything and everything up your ass.

    2. @Ambrosia Your Dido is a Baseball Bat… Your so Damn lonely that only a Baseball Bat can put a smily on your face…..

  1. If he’s so good at raping, then why isn’t he rapping in a video about his violence again women (or men, or chickens, or whatever he is raping)?

  2. I didn’t know it was even physically possible for boys to rape at 11. This guy is a pro. A real keeper. I’m jealous that I can’t have him.

    1. I’d go gay for a guy like this… A pro writer and raper with more body hair then a 70’s porn star, must be a real keeper

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