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  1. How the fuck is this a photobomb? The guy is obviously just working the camera, and that beam of light was obviously photoshopped into the pic. Photobombs are intentional and they ruin what would have otherwise been a perfectly good pic, this is neither.

    1. I don’t think the beam was shopped in. I think it’s simply a lens flare. As for the fact that this was indeed NOT a “photobomb”, you’re definitely right!

    2. No photobomb, and I had to look at the tags to figure out what the poster thought he saw in the picture. EF is definitely dumping more and more filler, and I’ll be coming back less and less.

    1. I had to think for a second why that phrase sounded so terribly familiar. Well played, good Sir, well played.

  2. It’s not a photobomb, but it IS a nice picture of 4 hot young chicks all dressed up and smiling for the camera. That alone makes it worthwhile.

  3. Ps this should be titled “Bouncer Fail” who let him into the nightclub to begin with? Bad work attire is one reason to not let him in, but don’t they check people at the door for light sabers anymore? This country is falling apart, tisk tisk…

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