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    1. Yep, Frodo’s lucky he was busy with the ring thing. Gandalf would’ve probably took up residence in his “shire”.
      We don’t see the gray wizard with many babes, do we?

    2. I’d have to say, he was quite gifted with a pipe.
      Strange how my dick wants to pull up into my stomach while I type that.

    3. @Beef My Ass,,, Finger Fuck FRED is back and she want’s her Baseball Bat Back…. Please wash it first so Finger Fuck FRED can suck on it…..

  1. @Ambrosia please have a sit…. Than you can tell all of your friend that God face was on your pussy and ass-o…. It’s Better than telling that you had Dora face up your ass……..

    1. God this is retarded. I would much rather have someone’s face down there than a face drawn on a fucking chair anyways. How is that something to brag about? LOSER!

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