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    1. @Dora PINK!!!!!!!! Ambrosia PUSSY is dark brown..
      Only pink on her pussy is the RASH…. Like the RASH around your mouth…..

  1. Hahaha ok so pink lips, red lips, pink lips. 5000 euros, 7000 euros, then some gibberish. Then he only tattoos the bottom lip a weird pink color? Damn why haven’t I gotten my tattoos at this place!

    1. Because you don’t want the hepatitis B and AIDS cocktail that place is handing out for free with every tattoo.

    2. Lol I’m willing to guess that’s just the start of the long list of shit that’s passed around that place.

  2. Wow! Not to be prejudiced or anything, but did anyone else notice that all the Nigerians were all Nigers? Just wondrin’.

    1. Hehehe! Quit trying to get me to proposition you into a meeting at some house where Chris will: “Please, have a seat”.
      Not gonna happen.

  3. fake. there would be way more blood, you dont work a lip that hardcore with a tattoo needle, and the finished product would not look like that.

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