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    1. Hell if I know. Looks like that metal tape that you put on ducts…real duct tape. But he looks like Doraleous from Doraleous & Associates.

    2. It’s real. Check it out. There’s about 30 episodes (shorts) on there now. I like them. I like stupid shit.

    3. thats bloody good cartoon Doraleous from Doraleous & Associates.
      gonna watch them all. good shout out

    4. Thanks Arse!
      Yeah, the dungeon guy was cool too. I need to go back and watch all of them. I’ve just been watching what they put out every week, which is just one per week. I’d like to have them on cd or dvd. I don’t why they haven’t put them out for sell. They’re wanting fans to send in money to pay for production of the next season. I think I’ll donate a certain sum, myself. It’s better than most of the shit that you have to wade through.

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