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  1. Superbowl tickets check, too much alcohol check, friend with video camera check, tattoo on my spine from a street sign check. I hope that hurt.

  2. Who the hell is the fuckin’ “Ravens” and why am I supposed to give a fuck?
    And, please, don’t give me some Baltimore bullshit about how I should fucking know and why I’m supposed to fucking know.
    You fuckwitted sports queers just shut up with your “I should know enough to show respect” for your foolish, chilish, fucking shit.
    Can someone give me some reasonable rationalization about this ignorant shit?
    Fuck you goofy fucking sports idiots!
    A game? You, so called “men” are going to rationalize this stupid shit over a childish game?… that you can’t even fathom acting like an adult about?
    Come on. Where the fuck is your arguments?

    1. Can I hug them titties? Hand-hug, arm-hug and lip-hug?
      How’s about I lip-hug that vadge?
      Is it wrong for me to contemplate such “atrocities”?

    2. LOL Well I wouldn’t so much call them “atrocities”, it wasn’t super freaky or anything! Is that how you hug? Include the boobs then the vadge too? lol If so I’ve been hugging all wrong! 😉

  3. thats what happens when visitors com to new orleans .we locals are used to you out of towners getting drunk and stupid ,it’s ok just dont piss off the police,or piss in public ,so come on down,have fun and stay safe.

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