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  1. This idiot should have invested in a lock instead of chipping it. Seriously a 500-2000 dollar bike should have at least some kind of chain around it.

  2. no one has noticed that the date of the paper, has not yet arrived?and if it were to be the “expire-day”…should be at least Sunday

    1. Michael you so smart.. it says DOLLARS ($). so USA, no? and also, the ONLY English speaking country in europe is uk. and the money is Sterling (£) and they write this way £2000
      in ireland it’s €2000.
      but why am I bothering?

  3. This is fake for several reasons! First, the posting of the first paper – Was there a town with only 2 people in it and there is a post board that everyone goes to? Second, both of them have the same dollar sign being placed behind the numbers which is very likely written by the same person. Third – who in their right mind would pay 500 dollars for a used bike – and I don’t care if you paid 2,000 for it. If he got 500 for the bike, that is a really good deal. If he sold it to the Pawn shop and they gave him 500 dollars, that means, they have to sell it at a 1,000 and who in their right mind would pay a 1,000 dollars for a USED bike? Fourth and last – what a dumb ass! Why would you let the Bike Thief know that there is a tracker chip on the bike? That takes away the surprise element but, like I said, it’s fake. Oh, one more thing – how does a Tracking Chip have anything to do with having access into the building? FAKE!!! Yes, I do have extra time on my hand and I don’t have much to do, like everyone else on here.

    1. Ok – forget that last part about tracking chip and having access into the building and blah blah blah. I’m tired and I have been up all night and I didn’t read it enough times to understand – so forget about this comment – except of course – Fake!!!

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