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  1. I have been petitioning the F.A. for many years over introduction of Americana Football style pads and helmet. think this a prime example of why!!!

    1. @2homo: if i were a lady, i would use tampons, more hygienic, but if your a lady and trying for the first time. Don’t forget theres one up the Cuff!! cos there is a thing called Toxic Shock…GOOGLE IT!! word of warning!!

    2. Not sure how having one up the sleeve of your shirt could be dangerous, but I’ll have to take your word for it.

  2. Okay I know there could have been a better song to use than Ghost Love Score… And that dive is the reason why I will never watch soccer.

    1. don’t judge so fast. I remember I.T.C. at school those static shocks you could get from your classmates touching the monitor then touching you were quite violent. I did cry once from the beastliness of it all.

    1. This is football, man. It’s ridiculous to call “football” a game which is played primarily by hands (and which is degenerated rugby), as you americans do. And you don’t even respect local naming.
      By the way, football is not gay, just the players are gay nowadays. American footbal is gay and it’s players are pussies. Rugby is proper way how to play it.

    1. I noticed that. He had a little pointy thing in his fingernail with deadly painful cone-snail toxin on it.

      He really died. ed.

  3. The NBA has started fining players for sh*t like this. FIFA would be wise to follow suit. It’s the lamest thing about soccer. That and the completely arbitrary game clock.

  4. Hahahaha what the hell? I’ve seen something else like this but it was in a court room and a lady tapped another on the back of her head with a file folder. She screamed then collapsed on the

    1. No it wasnt judge Judy! Lol I don’t remember why the hell they were in court but the lady didn’t like the other she smacked her and hilarity ensued. Maybe it will finally let my damn comment post.

    2. He means type it in pieces and the reader can fill in the missing parts, e.g.

      three-w’s diededbyfolder dod gom

      You have to mangle the spelling, because the software text-parsers are getting smarter

    3. you have to put spaces in the link so it is no longer a link
      like this htt p://ww w.epicfail .com/2013/02/06/foul-fail/#comments

  5. LMFAO What A Drama Queen, now days soccer players are transitioning to acting carers in tv. i guess this crying baby was exercising his act.

    1. its FOOTBALL, plus i saw a load black guys see pile on each other Saturday/Sunday night. could tell they wunted it up the shitter!!

    2. you dumb bogg bastard foosball is table soccer futbol/futball is how most the world spells soccer

      also everyone is a foreigner to someone else jackwad

    1. shut up you twat. its a much better sport than any queer boy american sport. baseball is terrible and made for weirdos and so is american football. Basketball is good but thats it

  6. You are all so quick to judge, but how do you know that he doesn’t have Douche Ass Foreigner Futbol/Soccer Ear Sensitivity which is very common among those over seas.

  7. Hehe, that’s Bo Nielsen who used to play for my club, AGF in Danmark. This did not make him popular in Denmark that season. He scored quite a few goal for us, though.

  8. there should be a rule where cheating pussies like that get banned for at least 5 games.But Brazilian teams would have no players if that was the case, oh well.

    1. lol there is a lot of AIDS going around.Better education about the desease would prevent the need for such a reaction imo.

    2. That is very true Mr. Tits… To be honest though… if Dora or 2homo touched my ear like that, I would probably react the same way… After I elbowed them in the throat, of course.

    3. @Monkey ~ yes, they are quite entertaining.
      @Dora the explorer – So, now you want to touch Monkey Tits? I wonder how that’s going to make Ambrosia feel…

    4. Apparently the little explorer girl wants to touch Monkey’s Tits…
      Dora, don’t fuck it up this time with any “hose down those mudflap” lines.

    1. I think he is masking a full blown case of the homosexuals. He is just trying to use Ambrosia as a cover… Sorry Ambster.

    2. It appears so Ambrosia… You don’t hear Dora mentioning you wearing little hello kitty panties, do you?

  9. Yeah! Ghost Love Score! Except they used it on this stupid clip. I hope this doesn’t ruin the song for me… every time I hear this portion of the song, i’m gonna think about this clip. lol. Best thing of something else quick. Hate soccer, too… lol

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