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    1. he American Psychiatric Association has deemed anyone that would participate in the cinnamon challenge to mentally unstable and require a full psychiatric screening and possibly being committed for their own protection

    1. @Ambrosia Didn’t that happen to Dora when he ate your Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy…. Dora ran to your bathroom and wash out his mouth in your Toilet bowl…….. I hope you tape it???

    2. @Ambrosia It’s not funny when you have a “Rotten Dead Fishy Smelling Pussy” Like you have…. But it’s Funny to me……
      @Dora I’ll never go away…. Your the only FAG I know who ate Ambrosia “Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy” and still walking around…….

    3. Must not have been too bad if he survived. At least he eats cooch and not dick you fucking retard. Don’t you have a brother to suck off?

  1. The “Cinnamon Pepper Spray Challenge” was originally called the “Genocide Challenge” but it was more difficult to weed out the mentally deficient that way.

  2. Why are you people doing this? It is clear that doing so is anatomically difficult for humans, because you are not able to produce enough saliva in a short time. Then, behaving like this is very irrational.

  3. Should have just dispensed with the pleasantries and falcon punched him in the nuts. Instant pain, without the ‘this is gonna be so awesome’ build up crap.

  4. Guy seriously could have died from the cinnamon challenge alone…when your gasping for air and your nasal glands are swelling from the hot pepper you’re literally living in hell.

    1. No one to date has died from the cinnamon challenge, though one was hospitalized for four days. Until someone finally dies from it, hopefully someone who’s genetics do not need to be recirculated into the gene pool (love evolution for that.) it is considered harmless fun no matter how bad it is for you. That’s life Snooky. (P.S. I know your name is spooky, but it’s just to close to that idiot whore I had to mention it.)

    1. Grrrrr is it really that hard to just fucking say DID HE DIE? IS HE DEAD? Saying did he dieded makes me want to kick you directly in the fucking mouth. More than once.

  5. At least he kept breathing. Way too much cinnamon. Aspirate some of that into your lungs, have your airways spasm shut and wave goodbye. Plus, anyone that participates in these challenges are stupid. Darwin has an award waiting for you…

  6. that’s ALMOST as good as the idiot that jumped into the catus bush!!!
    i just LOVE watchiung stupid people demonstrate their skills.
    love it.

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