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    1. @Dora doo-doo???? I’m not the one who lick Ambrosia Butt-Hole…. And got the Rash and Pus around your mouth…..

    2. From 2lolo’s knowledge of his privates, rashes and pus I’d bet he’s got half dollar sized cysts all over his little no-no area.

    3. Hahaha no doubt you’re right! Even the toothless hobo on the corner doesn’t want any of his nasty ass or his cysts.

    4. If 2lolo was female and it and I were the only two humans left alive, I would rip out my genitals, hopefully roots and all, and pick out the rest with tweezers to make sure there was no way to procreate with such a fuckin’ turdbitch.

    5. Well, Thor, I agree. I was trying to be nice and insinuate that I’d self mutilate, but, yeah, I’d have to off the fucker immediately so I could pick up where I’d left off a bating.

    1. @Beefy My Ass Did you know that Dora ate Ambrosia Rotten Dead Fishy Smelling Pussy?? I hope you seen the Rash and Pus around Dora mouth?? Run don’t walk to see your Doctor NOW…

    1. Sorry Barney, didnt realize you had your period.
      I’ll be more considerate next time you fucking wall flower.

  1. who toucht his hand? I have never seen that girl before.
    And is it such a big deal that it is worth turning homo over?

    1. Very good Spokk. If you were to have read the tags on this fail you would have noticed that it was Taylor Swift who touched this queer and you wouldn’t have to guess.

    2. They only think we’re idiot Americans because they’re jealous of our fresh clean scents. Yes…..we bathe and you wish you could be us, but don’t hate.

  2. Hmmmm something missing from the comments… not that I’m complaining 😀 but where is the uber-retard with his monotonous ‘insults’ today?

  3. Isn’t that the “nigahiga” dude? ‘Cause if he is, he’s just messing. And if he’s not, I’ve seen way gayer than that before, it isn’t such a big deal…
    Bet he’s never washing that hand again, like Bart Simpson.

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