Mall Creep Fail


People Fail

“One of my friends was at the mall and her friend took a picture of a guy taking a picture of her ass with a flip phone. Totally legit.”

Submitted by Justin D.

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    1. God damn it!! Why do they make these things so fucking confusing to put on!?? Thanks for telling me creep.

    1. Pretty pasty white ladies are obsessed with big black dik so what are you talking about? They flock to the black man, in case you haven’t noticed. Malls that are overrun by crakkas die a slow painful death when you sick honkys decide to buy guns and kill every innocent person in site.

    2. No. It’s you pasty white, animal sexing, child killing crakkas who are destroying everything! Than say you’re mentally ill to cover it all up.

  1. Only goes to show that its easy for white women to find a better looking black man. I’m not saying that he is good looking (that would be gay), I’m saying that the girl is as beautiful as my morning poo.

  2. He’s not pointing it at her. He’s probably taking a picture of some garment to see if his bitch likes it. Vain girls wan’t him to be taking pics of their ass, but he ain’t.

  3. A lot of American birds like this one are very plain looking but are made out to be beautiful. Like that blond one from Nashville who was also in Heros. She would look awful without make up and is nothing special done up, and has a stumpy, unsexy body. Everbody loves Raymond was an awesome show though, probably my favourite show ever.

    1. She’s like 6 dude , we have way hotter chicks than these average ones you see. I think they put them on t.v so ugly europeans can relate, I see hot ass chicks every day . big boobs pretty faces soft smooth skin barely any fatties I live in Cali .

    2. Her ethnic heritage probably descends from your country of residence or somewhere nearby, not America. You might actually be scrutinizing your own lineage.

    3. I like the way you talk Monkey Tits, however I don’t agree with a few points.. women that aren’t caucasians such as african americans, saudi arabians and so on usually use tone of make up , love flashy clothes and jewellry and overall have a taste in clothes similar to the vomit of a drunk britton.

      Hope you got it.
      Now i’m gonna google ‘ blond girl from nashville in Heros’ ..

  4. @westsyde – the Californian version of beauty is bony freaks with faces that don’t move and orange skin. I see many stunningly beautiful students at the university and that’s how it is throughout the whole of the UK. The bad teeth thing doesn’t apply to most British people, unlike obesity and America. I was just drunkenly commenting on how plain Janes are made out to be hot in America. Beyonce is beautiful imo. Hero’s girl or the girl from The Big Bang Theory are plain and average.

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