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  1. Say what you will about Paris (and there is a lot you can say), but at least she actually went off on her own and using her own methods (and her family name) made tons of money. Unlike every rich person I know who never worked or done anything and got tons of money from their dead parents.

    And really it is a win-win. Grandpa’s money goes to poor people, and Paris is still rich because she made her own money.

  2. She could still inherit millions. Granted it won’t be billions, but she is probably still going to inherit a shit ton more than I did when my Grandpa died. Basically as long as she gets a penny…

    1. If she gets a tenth of a percent of the remainder it’ll still be $4,639,174.26 more than my grandparents left for me.

    2. @DudeTits HELL NO!!!!!!!! SUCK Dora Little Cock… Or Ambrosia Pussy and Ass-O…. If you can past the smell, You got it lick…….

    3. 2faggo, your comments are lame as fuck and make no sense. I have come to the conclusion just as everyone else has that you are truly fully retard.

    1. No money in curing cancer. Until there’s as much as there is to treat it, the best you can do is just bite it off.

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