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  1. Far to your right is a sign…. “Beefy My Ass” For $5.00………
    To your left is a sign… “Free Blow-Jobs” Ambrosia.

    1. Lol no doubt you’ve had to pay for every blow job you’ve gotten, those are called prostitutes or MOM which you may know it better as….but that’s NOT the norm 2homo…people give blow jobs all the time for free. It DOES happen.

    2. @Ambrosia I remember the night when you came up to me and said.. “Mr. I’ll suck your Cock for $5.00…!!!” I told you DAMN! Girl!!! Your Face looks like someone just shit on it… DAMN!!!! What is that SMELL??? Is that you??? Don’t you wash your Cunt.. It Smells like a Rotten Dead Fish…. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME…..!!!!!!!!

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