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  1. While I agree with the notion that HAVING a Snooki tattoo is a fail, I’m not sure whether that applies to this particular tat…

  2. I like it. Well drawn and inspiring. It reminds me of the time that guy drop kicked her in the mosh pit, or whatever the fuck it’s called.

  3. It’s only a fail because who would want her face on their body forever? It’s a win because it looks like her and it is hilarious and a good look for her. But when that dude socked her in that bar, it wasn’t in her eye. It was in her mouth, giving her a fat bloody lip and he grazed her nose and made that bleed too.

    1. I have never watched the show but have seen so much about them and the show I think I would rather rip my eyes out. And yes I agree with you.

    2. Won’t you be my neighbor? That Fred Rogers? Holy shit that guy used to creep me out! Lol I wouldn’t be his neighbor, his visitor or anything else! :-/

    3. Some friends and I used to get high and watch his show. Very trippy.
      BTW: Don’t do acid and watch Sesame Street.

    4. LOL I used to find that, weed at least, made alot of things trippy, more interesting and other things uhh more intense. I have never tried acid was always too scared!! Lol I had a friend do it and he flipped the fuck out soooo I stayed away from it!

    5. I’ve seen people trip out on weed. I don’t know what that was all about.
      But I’m not an advocate for any drugs, mind you. I’m just talking shit as usual.

    6. Lol I know..I’ve moved past that crap too. People can do whatever they want to do, don’t involve me when I don’t want to be and I’m good.

    7. HA! I wondered where you were going with the “I’ve got an idea”! Kitchen table? The arm of a couch works in a pinch! 😉

    1. @Dora Did you look in a mirror yet???? After you went down on Ambrosia…. That Rash and Dripping Pus on your face came from Ambrosia Pussy and Ass-o….. Please see a Doctor….

  4. Snooki herself is a fail. So a tatoo of Snooki is a double fail. However, a tatoo of Snooki, with a black eye is a w… nevermind, everything about Snooki is just a fail.

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