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    1. Have seen quite some women looking quite good and all even if they had their head shaved…some even looked better…it depends a lot on how your head is shaped etc…just like some bald men look badass while others look like losers…

  1. Why do these stupid pages keep using images they don’t own or even know the procedence to get stupid likes??? she can shave her dead, paint it green or draw on it with Sharpies f she wants, it HER head!

    1. she can shave her dead?!? why would you shave your dead and paint it green and draw on her dead with sharpies that’s just disrespectful to the dead lol …. oh you mean head my bust lol

    1. Well, actually since only some start to lose hair etc, based on how “heavy” is your chemotherapy and how you react to it, many people tend to just shave their heads in prevision of the “natural” balding….at least if they see they start losing them.

    2. Some don’t want to wait for the chemo to fully take off their hair or it looks funny some hair left in some areas like here and there so they just go ahead shave it all off

  2. Getting likes? I don’t get what they are talking about. Is Facebook paying people for getting likes? Or does it cause orgasms? I think it’s just retarded activity on social network that has no impact on ones life.

  3. No shit she’s beautiful. She can even get a baldie and be beautiful, that’s how beautiful she is.
    You’ve proven nothing, and made actual cancer-afflicted women who don’t look as good depressed as hell, assholes.

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