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  1. If you are stupid enough to have these types of tattoos done by someone that doesn’t know what the fuck they are doing then you deserve this result.

    1. Hahaha oh you are soooo right…I used to own a shop and employed an artist who was excellent at portrait work. We’d get these price-shopping asshats coming in, and when my guy quoted them a price they would bitch about what a rip-off it was, then go find some fly-by-night hack whose “portfolio” consisted of pictures of ink done by other artists that he took off the Interwebz. How do I know this? Because believe it or not, a large number of them actually CAME BACK IN with some oozing, crusty piece of crap begging my artist to “fix” it. Of course, we declined. You get what you pay for/deserve. Think before you ink!

    2. Ha! Exactly! I would assume if someone is getting a portrait of someone, they are very important to them. If that’s the case why be a cheap ass and try to get it done for 5$? Seriously! I have never had a portrait done but I have several tattoos and I go to a certain guy each time to have them done knowing he does excellent work, he charges more yes but I’m not fucking embarrassed to show what I had done either! You can’t just rinse them off and start over! Lol if you can’t afford to do them right then don’t so it. That’s what I think!

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