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    1. Dude i think they say: “Jesus christ is a n*gga”. That would be… you know… AWESOME! Think about the Bible. It would be called “The black book of some stories long time ago” and don’t forget: He’s da original G Bitcheees! 😀

    1. That doesn’t sound like the comment of a Christian, unless you go to the Church of Stupid of Latter Day Taints depicted above.

    2. how do you say your christian? and we all know that the loonies are white too….you’re crazy! misguided? ha you must have been misguided to the wrong page if you claim to be christian! must have been searching on google and got redirected!

    1. You mean the invisible guy in the sky who is a hypocrite, egotistical, but pefect also, and is three people (including a ghost) but also one person, this being is only but a myth!?

    1. I dunno. I went to the churches site. Kinda hard to get a .org site if your just dicking around making vids.

  1. How could I have not discovered this video before yesterday??? Where did they find a green screen? Was their editor completely aware of how amazing this is? Why isn’t there a book about this? How can a video about bad rapping be even better without sound?

    Who the hell is the random old guy standing behind them half the time? He deserves an entire Website. Not only does he toss glitter, he also accidentally steams himself in the face at one point. And why the hell did this video need steam in the first place? Why does a church have a steam machine? Or a green screen? Why do you wear headphones in a music video?

    But the biggest, most existential question of the whole video is, to what extent are its subjects aware of it’s humor? I don’t believe these people are making an honest and unironic attempt at repurposing a genre of music to send the message of Christ. That would just be too amazing. They have to be aware that the idea of them rapping is part of the joke.

    But after that point, how much do they really know? Are they aware that using “nigga” like that would be offensive if they weren’t so adorable and clueless? Do they know how effective the parody of him simply standing outside and mean-mugging for Jesus is? When she smacks her ass, are they intentionally poking fun at hip hop videos’ propensity for posterior shots?

    I think they know all of it. I want to believe that every goofy hand gesture, every bad graphic, and every misused slang term is not only made in jest, but a deliberate attempt to poke fun at not only themselves and the church, but to get kids to laugh at themselves a bit. And it’s completely effective – even if you submit to the theory that there are an infinite number of universes with an incalculable amount of possibilities, there is NO universe in which an American does not find this funny. And now this video has been exposed to the world, and thousands of us are thinking, wait a minute. God is the “original G.” Definitionally MC J. JC. UC??? I want to join their outreach group, and I don’t even give a shit about outreach. WIN.