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    1. if this website is a fail then how come theyy have so many people like you that comment and view the site?????

    2. The answer is simple once i go through my normal list of websites including all porn i stop bye here as a last resort. Then i like to commence in letting epicfail know they are the true fail for turning their once decent site into dog shit. I guess i still hold out a fraction of hope that they will stop posting garbage. Doesn’t seem fucking likely though.

    3. They come here to read the hilarious text-message posts. They’re so funny and so real that you just have to read one after another, and then you search around for old ones you missed and ROLFLing!

  1. This is not a “road marking fail”! It’s a pavement fail and base rock fail. I’m a road construction worker and see this all the time. Please look at photos and title them right before posting. Bad labeling makes this site look retarded!

  2. it`s just temporary road marking tape. Probably got washed away by rain. I work with this stuff all the time. A definite fail product

  3. It’s that tape shit they put down. Looks like they stripped off a layer of road, put down the temp striping that’s little more than tape, and it came loose…again. Happens all the time.

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