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    1. Looks like it… I just hope there weren’t any rats or cats in that garbage bin to witness the horrendous act… if so I can see those animals trying the darnedest things trying to commit suicide.

    2. I can see it now…
      2homo: Hey Aromia, do you wanna see my Oscar the Grouch?
      Aromia: Boy do I!
      2homo: ok, get in the can and and close your eyes…

    3. Lol that’s the only way someone could stomach touching him! In a dark place where no one could see them and with their eyes closed.

    4. @Thor Hummer, First of all Aromia is very beautiful and sexy!!!!!! Not like Ambrosia Ambrosia Won first place in the world most UGLY Woman in the World….. She won the prize with her/him Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy….

    5. Wait… Aromia was throwing around his manhood on a different post, wasn’t he? Is this your “coming out of the closet” moment 2homo?

    6. Hahaha always knew you were strictly dickly 2homo!! I’ve always thought Arhomo was a guy and you just said he’s beautiful and sexy! What a fruit you are.

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