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  1. How is this a Fail? I totally agree with her dad. I have never heard of anyone getting a ZERO on participation. Then its pretty awful of the professor to give her a “C+,” almost rubbing it in her face that she was so close, yet so far.

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    8. Who really cares what they say? I am only thinking of clearing your good name…lol
      I say, haters gonna hate… so let them.

  2. typical of people now, something goes wrong and then instead of accepting it as her fault and trying again, she blames the school for her failing and tryna get money out of them. people are dicks

    1. I agree. If you accept responsibility for anything though, you’re considered a dumbass. Best to be a finger-pointer.

  3. Dateline (Feb 14, 2013) A C-plus grade will stand for a Lehigh University student who sued over the poor mark, a Northampton County judge ruled today. Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano made the ruling this afternoon in the lawsuit filed by graduate student Megan Thode for a grade she received in 2009. (Ed. Note: Megan is a fuckin’ hottie! Google her name, several pics appear)

  4. From what i read Megan is a straight A student in all her classes but because she didn’t participate in the class that gave her a C+ she got a lower grade. Hmm If she did all the work assigned and she attended every class i call bullshit on the grade she got. I have a class that i am taking right now that even if you do all the work assigned and show up every day on time you can still get a bad grade since my teacher gives 45% of my grade for talking and asking questions in class…if you know the work that’s assigned then why do you need to ask anything in class? Opinions anyone. Serious opinions please. Thank you

    1. Finally someone who actually read the whole thing and understood that the girl actually had grounds to be upset. If she never missed a class she shouldn’t have gotten 0/25 for participation.

    2. well lets all burn our Bra’s in Time Square!!

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  5. I think that if it’s the case that the teacher did unfairly mark down that portion of the grade out of spite, and it prevented her from getting a job… then that’s not right. What bothers me is the irregularity; from an assessment standpoint if someone attended all the classes but didn’t get on with the other classmates you wouldn’t score them zero, maybe a low number. Sounds like she saw an opening to fuck over someone she didn’t like and took it.

    1. You are correct, this is completely unfair to the girl, however she could have simply re-taken the class with a different professor or an online version if it came to that. Still she wasn’t treated fairly, a strait-A student getting a C- due to “being outspoken,” is insane. The professor needs to be removed from the school, or shipped somewhere south where anti-gay-marriage is the norm.

    2. yeah, “with a different professor or an online version if it came to that” online version do you think that should put thought to a P.h.d. get off the feminist case I have a big dick!! fuck you!!

    3. well i for disagree, she sounds like a complete and utter wanker that would not listen to argument nor would would listen to reason. not saying she never had a point. but as a “therapist” listening one major things the major things. her peers could not of thought much of her either.

      would you as university pay her P.H.D in to god what shes going about becuse As of January 2013, nine states—Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Washington. what was her P.H.D then it dose not say

    4. I don’t believe that she did it out of spite. I saw an reply from the professor and the zero was due to fact that every discussion brought up in class, the student would put somehow bring in gay marriage, or even just call out when the professor was in middle speaking about something she thought was wrong, the student would yell out, “Like gay marriage!” Other students in class backed up the professor.

      I once had that happen when I was in the class Global Impact on the Natural Resources. We had this girl who was so gung ho on legalizing Marijuana that she brought it into everything. We had debates about things and I am still wondering how she thought that if we legalized Manijuana, that it would change China’s rule of two children. I basically was Amber in Clueless, if she is NOT going to do the assignment why should I.

  6. Article failed to mention that her dad was on the staff and that her ENTIRE tuition was paid for. This is a perfect example of someone getting everything for free and then complaining because they didn’t work for it. She didn’t perform to the teacher’s standards because she thought she had a free ride…. what a way to find out she didn’t!!! I hate lawsuits like this. F-HER… time to pay up B*%CH

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