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    1. And, it’s been repeated on here more than once, AND it’s all over the internet. Just about every humor site on the internet has this posted. Of course it’s fake. Fail fail.

    2. Well I kinda figured whatever he does have is so tiny it’s hard to classify as to what it would actually be.

    3. @Beefy My Ass,, WHY are you talking about Ambrosia Virginal ??? We all know you wanted a Virginal that’s why you call your Butt-Hole “JANE”..

    1. But Rosie you’re all right — you wear my ring
      When you hold me tight — Rosie that’s my thing
      When you turn out the light — I’ve got to hand it to me
      Looks like it’s me and you again tonight Rosie

    2. Ha! Thanks lol I was trying to look it up…I may have heard the song and didn’t know the name of it. I agree with you.

    3. So you get that Rosie is not the girl in the beginning of the song, and that he only starts singing to Rosie after the girl runs off with the drummer, right?

    4. @2homo your nub must be shitting you its like Billingsgate Market,and i fucking be tested for Phantosmia. i can still smell your teeneweenie!! dead spunk comes to mind!!

  1. Yes, folks it’s text message joke-book filler time here at EF.

    Finish your plates, or you go to bed without any broken-neck go kart videos.

    “Waahhh …..Do we HAVE to read it?!”

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