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  1. I don’t feel bad for him for two reasons:
    1. He is too lazy to sweep his own floor.
    2. He actually said F. M. L. at the end. That’s douche like a grown man verbally saying O. M. G.

  2. glad he had his camera ready for his first world problem. My animal that I keep prisoner for my enjoyment, pooped. And then my robot slave made a mess with the poop. /wrist

    1. why r u always throw shit to each other 2lolo and thor? maybe u just love each other and 2 shame to say it aloud and accept that u r fags?

    2. @Thor Hummer NO THANK YOU!!!!!!! I’m not into Man Sucking A Man Ass-0……. Ask Dora, maybe he want’s to see a Demonstration…. @Dora want to see…..

    1. All living things shit…The dog just shit in one spot… The i robot is the one who spread it all around the house… he should execute that thing instead of the dog.

    2. well the prostate of 2homo is questionable. it been fucked to many times, don’t mean we should put it down, fuck-you you fucker, give it a life!!

    1. Then don’t own one, don’t be around people that have them and just stay away from them. It’s pretty simple. There are plenty of people that do love them and would strongly disagree with you though. To each their own.

  3. I actually feel bad for him. “I couldn’t be happier right now” If this is the happiest he can be his life truly sucks.

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