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  1. he have a master on friend zone…seriously girl are stupid or what they really thing the guy will buy all this shit for a thank you…?? Come on girl…..

  2. This is fucking creepy if this is her brother. I don’t know many that buy jewelry from Jared’s or a phone for their sister as gifts. I was lucky if I got anything from my brothers. If this is a friendzoned guy she’s a total bitch for accepting gifts like this from him when he clearly has feelings for her. I usually laugh at other expense on here but this really lame.

    1. I don’t think he is her brother. I thought she meant ‘bro’ in a friend way. I also thought the fail was the guy wanting to be more than just friends. Either that or he is one rich dude and, honestly, a good friend. He’s defo trying to sweeten her up and get in her pants imo.

    2. Seems like more of a friend thing to me too. If he’s doing it to get into her panties I’d bet you that or anything else won’t work. She will keep taking those gifts though.

    3. Juan’s pulling out all the stops to score some poon. She’s a tacky bitch if she keeps that shit and isn’t interested. But, then tacky is quite fashionable nowadays.

    4. I gotta agree with Monkey….He’s trying to bang her. I mean, necklace, bracelet, phone…I try to bang chicks WITHOUT buying that expensive shit. She looks kinda hot. Hot enough to want to lay pipe with her…

    5. Dear Ambrosia
      I’m very sorry no one gave you anything on Valentine Day…. Not even a date…!!!!!! POOR Lonely Woman all alone on Valentine Day…. I hope your SEX Toy (Baseball Bat) Work out good for you….. I hope you Came????????

    6. Dear 2homo
      Shut the fuck up.
      Find you a backwoods unbathed toothless bitch for a date did you? You lucky hillbilly you!

    7. @Ambrosia,,, NO THANK YOU….. I don’t want to date you….. Maybe Finger Fuck FRED (Dora) and Beefy My Ass love to date a Unbathed Toothless Hillbilly Bitch like you…….

    1. Yea – that’s probably it. I can see where a girl might call a friend bro these days, but at first I, too, though they were brother and sister. Needle went up to a 6.5 on the creepy meter.

    2. It’s like she got nervious and thought “Oh FUCK, I need to be subtle about this so I don’t hurt his feelings. What’s a guy word for “just friend” status? Bro, they call each other bro, I’ll do that!”

    1. So if I get you a 500$ GameStop card and a brand new BMW, does that mean I get to fuck you in the ass?
      This new thing where you force material goods on people for sex is awesome!

  3. The guy deserves to be friend-zoned. You’re not even dating someone and you buy them several super expesive items? Fuck you.
    Either grow some balls and pledge your love first, or save the rest of it for Christmas and her next birthday.

    I can see this guy sitting at home, being depressed because he can’t get with her, and the Jared commercial comes on, and he’s all like “Jared speaks to me and my materialistic sense of love!”

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