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    1. Aromia the pretty dyke you tuck further Jame Gumb. 2homo told me, i just wanna shove my junk right up you!!!

    2. @Beefy My Ass WHAT JUNK????? Do you really have a Cock?? Or are you talking about all the Cock you had up your Beefy Butt-Hole??

    1. And you’ve already said that now fuck off. No one asked your opinion. As for you 2homo I am just heart broken that you think I’m ugly. You seem to have impeccable taste so if you think I’m ugly it just has to be true! I think I hear you’re boyfriend arhomio calling you.

    2. @Ambrosia I seen you once, on Crack Ho Street remember….. You offer me a Blow-job for $5.00.. I told you before that 1 in 1,000 Nigga’s are pretty and your number 1,000……

    3. With a cutface like 2homo’s his eyebrows are often referred to as pubes…as is all his “facial” hair.

    4. Lol I’d imagine his whole body is covered in pubes. I may very well be ugly to some but I find it hard to put much stock in his opinion of me lol biggest reason is he has no fucking idea what I look like.

    5. Well, it seems obvious to me from all his Ass-Mouth comments and his birth video fetish that he’s a “real looker”.

    1. And she’ll be again, after she’s had time to recoop and realizes that I’m not around to unfrust her again. She’ll need a recheck.

    2. If I DID do her she would be be infected with the Letsdoitagain-itis…and yes…it’s sexually transmitted; though I wouldn’t call it a disease.

    3. You’re shocked, Whooer? Maybe you shouldn’t stand in your puddle of pee-pee while you jab the electrical outlet with your wee-wee. Just sayin’.

    4. Lol! Ohhhh so you’re saying if you DID she’d be wanting another round??? But still…she’s…yeah she’s something.

    5. I am sure you would hurt her Dora, in a BTK kinda way…
      Who are you trying to fool with your first two wishes Dora? I am interested in knowing what little Ambster would wish for…

    6. LOL Thorr, you are really trying to have an argument with him aint you? Dora ignoring you must be very frustrating man?

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