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  1. Man, 2lolo and I really drove AmHOEsia crazy… she was about to pull a gun on this train worker. I guess she went crazy thinking she is in a train and a bunch of guys aren’t running a train on her. hahahahha

    1. @Dora Are you in love with Ambrosia??? Or your really “Finger Fuck FRED….. Reading your comments for the past months you sound like Finger Fuck FRED……

  2. Totally reminds me of the crazy lady in “Call 911 Now!!”
    They must be twins or something.

    Looks like Skrillex has someone new to sample.

    1. @Beefy My Ass, I have good news…. Thor Hummer will put on a show…. How To Humm an Ass-o…. On Dora. If your lucky Thor Hummer might give you a HUMM Too……… If not there is Dora …. Who might give you a hard BUTT Fuck….

    2. fucking butt, fuck, you wish. why dont you just get your teeneweenie chopped the fuck off already. you fucking FUNCH PEDO DYKE!!

    3. WELL….. How was the Show that Thor Hummer put on??? I didn’t know Ambrosia was at the Show…
      Did anyone of you FAGS try to have SEX with Ambrosia??? Please tell me you all past the Smell Test……..

  3. She’s a total nutcase. The only mistake the train worker made was to debate with her. Her illness makes her incapable of that.

    1. yeah you girl friend 2homo, you fucking pair butch dyke pedo lesbians. i reckon you left the black mamber strap on up her arse. thats why shes so grouchy!

    2. BEEF ASS, Clearly you’re an educated and well spoken person fully capable of valid argument. Your debate skills are fantastic, and your spelling is even better!

    3. So much hate from people wasting their lives on chat arguments… :I especially you 2lolo, you’ve been here for like 2-3 years or something, you must be fucked up in the head or have anger issues or just be some crazy lady on a plane

  4. “Ma’am, if you get loud one more time, this train will stop, and you will be forced off of it. And, yes, it’ll be in the middle of nowhere. And, no, you won’t get a refund. Now, STFU!” 😛

  5. one time at band camp this lady went ape shit and I took my clarinet and beat the fu#k our of her, and later I was promoted to band leader

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