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  1. Yeah but if you look at the breaks in the wood and where the scrapes landed it was broke from the inside out. So this was totally staged and not a fail at all.

    1. How do u break thru doors? throw the first layer at the second or drop it to the ground and hammer thru?

    2. What the fucccccccccck you talking about son.

      and darklord. totally just like 99% of this shit on this crappy site… I gotta go and ” Un-Like ” them from facebook.. Sick of this garbage on my wall.

  2. People always gotta try to pic shit out if you weren’t there then stfu and let people laugh. Damn fucking idiots these days

    1. Because if it’s fake it’s just a joke-picture not a fail. EF is about fail, not posting joke-pictures, staged garbage, and jokes fleshed out in fake text-message format.

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