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    1. @Dora aka(Finger Fuck FRED) Don’t that Pizza look just like Ambrosia Pussy with The RASH and PUS….
      Was her Pussy Tastiest like Rotten Dead Fish…..

  1. That’s EXACTLY how ours look, when we buy those!!

    We’ve been buying that brand, off and on, for over a year. In that time, all their pizza flavors have been getting progressively smaller & thinner. Lately, the number of toppings has been getting ridiculously low. Granted, they are only $1 each, but I think that more of that dollar goes into making the packaging than into making the pizza. This is another example of deceptive packaging/advertising.

    (They’re sold under the name “Celeste, authentic Italian Since 1930”, and distributed by Pinnacle Foods Group LLC, Cherry Hill, NJ)

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