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    1. Lol @BEEF ASS…..I’m originally from Texas and most Texans wear the right jeans with cowboy boots and it sure as hell isn’t those sparkly ones with a cross on the ass. Although I won’t deny there are loads of red necks in Texas, none I knew EVER wore stupid looking boots like that. Lol I’m going with evilish here and saying its most likely a Mexican wearing those boots…just from experience…and no I’m not racist it’s just the fucking truth.

    2. As a Texan, I resent your gay remark about this being a Texan. I have to go along with evilshtfire, this is surely a Mexican. Jeans and boots just give it away. Plus, he smells like a Mexican.

    3. They’re called Huarachero Boots. They use those things when dancing “tribal cumbia” i’m mexican and i really think this is way beyond stupid

    4. I have seem them where the ends are longer than normal extremely pointy and curve up, but never this long and ridiculous looking. I wasn’t sure what the hell they were called. Lol

    5. I’m sorry to disagree with everybody, but I think this comes from some Spanish, Italian, or maybe Greek subculture. I’ve seen this before and I forget. Sorry.
      But it’s just a fucking fashion from some country. WTF?

  1. This dumb ass look is big with the Mexi-cans border scum.
    Especially the cartel wannabe asshats who have a life span of a fruit fly.
    I rest easy knowing he will die in a hail of gunfire or be butchered and have his torso dumped in some crappy Mexican ghetto alley.

    1. Look Mf’ .. Stop Being A Racist Mf’ Looking Asz Bitch . Yuh Just Hating On Dhis Niggahs Boots . Yuh Wish Yuh Were Half As Fresh Looking Likee Dhis Niggah ! Yeaah I’m MEXICAN So Wuht Bitch . Yuhr Nothing But A Hill Billy Looking Asz Mf’ . So Shit Yuhr Asz Fuwkin’ Asz Down , An Keep Watching Yuhr Fuwkin’ Nascar Shit .

    2. How do we submit MF Gabby’s comment to EpicFail? I didn’t know it was possible to misspell EVERY word in a sentence, amazing.

    3. @ RoccoL – Yuh Dumb Fuwk . If Yuh Could Fuwkin’ Read It Dhen It Pretty Much Was ENGLISH . Yuh Dumb Hill Billy Mf’ Hoe ..

      @ ZestYY – Look Yuh Fuwking Dumb Bitch, It Smells’ Like Someone Is HATING Mf’

    1. Lmfao come pinga what does have to do with anything. He was not trying to offend you. He was just saying the truth,either Mexican or Texan.

  2. Yes it’s stupid and having firsthand experience yes it’s Mexican. They get longer, pointier, and dumber as the men constantly try to one up each other. This is tame compared to some of the stupid ass boots I’ve seen…

  3. Although this fashion is one of the dumbest out there, it’s funny to see how easy it is to be a racist online but in the real world you keep your mouths shut smh

  4. It’s a Mexican fashion. They use these shoes for some type of dance… funny thing that really think they look good in these..

    1. yea im mexican but i dont like that type of music its weird and you are right people that wear this think that they look good

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