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    1. @Ambrosia If only you wasn’t so Damn Fat you could bend over and EAT yourself….. But than It’s Finger Licking Good……

    2. I don’t know…I guess it’s just me, but I personally prefer cunnilingis over felatio.
      I’s sure most of the “GUYS” here would disagree, but, ya know?…
      I feel the right to be who I am.
      Should I be to fashion?

  1. It’s not blind, it’s almost ready to shed it’s skin… The eyes look milky a couple of days before that.
    My snake usually doesn’t eat in that condition…
    However he managed to bite himself while trying to catch the mouse… Accidents will happen… 😉

    1. i was gonna say that if someone else already hadn’t lol, i think anyone who owns/has owned a snake has seen this happen at least once, snakes lunge at their food, constrict it and bite it all at the same time, they bite themselves, it happens lol, and it is a common misconception for people to think that the snake would be blind because the skin over the eyes

  2. God, two comments are intelligent. Yes that is a slight fail, but, like Albert said, the damn thing is as blind as a bat because of the fact that it’s shedding its skin.

  3. FYI that snake is shedding; not blind. Also, although I said it was ‘my snake’ it is actually a rescue snake that lives in a museum; not my personal pet. I am the care taker with plenty of experience caring for exotic critters. I am in no danger… This snake is only a danger to himself. So please no rude comments! I kind of wish they didn’t add the emo comment. The pic speaks for itself.

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