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    1. Oh yeah, I can’t stand that gruesomely butchered version of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” either. Can’t say that I LOVE the original but it’s an OKAY alt-pop song which surely didn’t deserve to get RAPED by that R&B fag, Whatshisname Derülo (also worst misuse of the ü-diacritic ever)

  1. So is the fail supposed to be the guy who seems to be having fun and dancing ( if you want to call it that ) at a concert or music festival or the retards around him who waste time going to a live music performance and stand in one spot like dumbasses?

  2. This dude isnt trippin, he’s acting. Way too aware of his surroundings. Like how he conveniently stays in camera shot until the end.

    1. He was certainly on something for drugs. His eyes say it all. It’s funny how much more aware of your surroundings you become when you are on those types of drugs.
      I bet the next morning he did not remember a thing.

    2. You’ve conveniently forgotten the many times he suddenly lurches off leaving the cameraman to chase after him.
      I used to be a serial caner, we’d do pretty much everything except for crack & smack in a weekend… looked a bit like someone on acid, defo not ket, I’m guessing ‘legal’ high of some kind…. didn’t look fake to me. Who knows!

    3. He’s on Molly. He’s twitching and consorting his face becase every thing he touches and hears feels/sounds GOOOOOOD.
      Molly is MDMA, and it’s a paticualy strong version of MDMA. You can even hear a guy in the back mention Molly.

  3. He’s obviously not tripping. Does no one here know their drugs? He is obviously on Molly. Every bit of stimulation he receives (music, noises, vibes) is giving him feelings of ecstasy, thus the contortions and twitching. Even if the music is shitty, it’s amazing to him.

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