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  1. Let’s see: looks stupid trying to look cool, can’t write an intelligible setence with any punctuation, thinks girls his age even have boobs yet…these and other features of this miscreant make him a typical product of our culture and our educational system. There’s hope for our country if we are putting it into the hands of this fine example.

  2. actualy this is a fake if you search on facebook a friend from javi mcfly ornelas called sebastian posted this pic and wrote the comments as a joke..

    1. btw this friend (sebastian saber sancrant) don’t have to post this to be ridiculous.. watched his pics 30 secs and my eyes had cancer..

  3. I feel sorry for kids growing up now, cameraphones and the internet producing photographic evidence that lasts forever!

    at least we could do stupid, embarrassing things and not have to worry about it being all over the internet like 5 minutes later.

  4. The sad fact is his little girl friends probably do do all that he says. Do girls have anything to do until guys mayure enough to fuck them? It’s like even at 8 years old girls are trying to start things with boys who have no clue or means what to do.

    1. I just realised how utterly sleazy my post could be misunderstood. What I meant was, boys inspire such films as Goonies and Stand By Me. We grow up as we should and have fun. Girls just give rise to the “looks mean everything” bullshit that rules the world.

  5. Oh so he think he hood and shit uh? Well how about I take him to a place called englewood in chi-town then he will problably wishin he was white again

  6. wow….wow if that was my kid and i found all that on his facebook i would make it a point to publicly embarass him lol

  7. Instead of typing my Respect Speech, I’m giving you the simplified version of it- and trust me, be thankful I didn’t type that- it goes on for pages. You’d of been there ages.

    My ‘rap’ for you:

    So you want to be a rapper,
    but instead of that,
    you’re just a ‘big game’ fapper,
    You talk to girls as if they’re hoes,
    but you’re the only one that blows,
    I bet you can’t give the definition of respect,
    or even spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    You talk about the street but
    You’d know ‘you’d reap what you sow’,
    but you wouldn’t know,
    if you’re from the hood had it so rough with your life,
    you’d sell that phone you’ve used for selfies,
    and get yourself an English lesson.
    This world is cold,
    This I know,
    I rolled up on this post real quick,
    leaving this alone would not stick,
    such disrespect I have no hope,
    envelope closed and sealed,
    turned to fire for the un-learned.
    Cheating isn’t cool,
    you’ll find yourself heating a stew you would not eat,
    Using hate words is not cool,
    doesn’t matter if you’re Bi, Gay, Straight, Trans,
    doesn’t matter what race you are,
    Tase that ignorance at the base,
    you need to rid of it with haste,
    to let this all go,
    get yourself back in school or at least pay attention,
    enough with the absence of thought.
    I came here to tear you,
    rip you, make you eat your words,
    but instead I used words to try and move you,
    blew you out of this preposterous state ,
    I hope you know you’re better than this,
    to state these things you cannot undo,
    you’ve made alot of people feel blue,
    now what will you do?

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