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  1. Holy shit… Turn the volume down before you watch… my whole office knows I am not workng now because this guy had to screem like a little bitch!

    1. @Thor Hummer, Remember when your Boyfriend first Fuck your Butt-Hole.!!!! YOU SCREEM LIKE A BITCH YOU ARE……….!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you SCREEN,,
      DEEPER DEEPER, LOVE your Cock in me……..

    2. Yeah, Thor, you can bate in there and we don’t have to hear the sadness in your comments. They have therapists to deal with your sadness. You’re just sadness, bro. You sad fucker.
      P.S. Amby likes me more than you. You sad fucker.

    3. Ahem, I like Thorr just fine thank you! He said something to the assholes the other day when others didn’t…just pointing that out! 😛

    1. Yeah I was thinking that they must have seen too much Jackass too. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Fucking idiot.

    2. He sounds as if he is in charge of this fuckwitted shit; which seems to indicate that everybody involved are fuckwits.
      The coolest thing is, is that they seem to think they are cool and star worthy. Just like Snooky. So, I guess they will be stars, right?

  2. I would like to get his opinion on what he thought was going to happen once he jumped onto the cactus. “Excuse me, Mr. Fucking Idiot, what do you believe will be the outcome of you bodyslamming this cactus with barely any clothing on?” Would love to hear his theory.

    1. REDNECKS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!REALLY ,AT LEAST THEY AREN’T THAT DAMN STUPID!!!!!!!!! you suck,you must be a damn yankee.lmao

  3. This isn’t a fail in the sense that the title implies. This is from a youtube channel that pulls of stupid stunts like this for laughs. The guy knew exactly what would happen and is exaggeration his reaction for comedy purposes.

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