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  1. What an asshole. Looks like they got the same Mossimo fashion sense over there lol. There will probably be a followup on where his head is under a dumptruck. Probably many of those vids start like this. Glad we get to put a face with the anus.

  2. And where’s the fail? That looks like fun and he had a good grip on the motorcycle. Fail if he let go. you failed once again…smh

    1. It does say “Safety Fail” so I guess strictly from a safety perspective they are considering it a fail. If safety were a concern no one would ever have any fun.

    2. the fail is there no sparks coming from his flip flops!!

      i may just be to used to the big budget Hollywood movies but a say fail!

  3. The fail is that we send them all our old clothes fro the States and they just run through the soles of the shoes in less than a week.

  4. the best thing about the stupid ppl like this in this world is.. the problem will eventually solve itself when he gets killed.. if we’re lucky, it’ll happen before he has a chance to reproduce and spread the dumbass gene any further.

  5. i love it. fun win.. this site theaches u to think in terms of win or lose… not experiencing the moment… the experience of the moment is aallll u fuckin have

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