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  1. Fucking tard…the nails are supposed to be hammered right through so the points are sticking out…didn’t you learn anything at school

    1. He obviously sucks with a hammer. He could have at least cut off the heads so there was something sharp and pointy. But in the end, it doesn’t matter because with the heads still on the nails it will cause there to be more trauma to the body because it will be just tearing flesh with something that it dull. Like they say, you are better to cut yourself with a sharp knife than a dull one because a cleaner cut will heal better.
      Personally, I would have use those screw on spikes that goth kids like to put on their clothes.
      Either way, if I saw this douche running at me with the bat I would just pull out my gun and shoot him before he even got within 10 feet of me. So how tough would he be then?

    2. Personally i prefer to use 7 inch deck screws and drill them all the way through with the points sticking out. Also make sure to wrap the base with duct tape and cloth so it doesnt break. Also the deck screws allow for deep penetration(like my massive fuck stick) and when pulled out tear through flesh and shit. Also paint the bat black so it looks cool and you can call it joeboo.

  2. Perhaps I’m looking too much into it, but I don’t understand these ‘douche fails’. I mean, if it is a douche fail, then technically it’s a win (two negatives make a positive). I don’t get it 🙁

  3. Bwahahahah…*gasp*…hahahaha…*gasp*…amg, sorry – seriously that was my first reaction when I saw this picture – it literally made me laugh out loud. I don’t know if it’s the r-tard look on his face, or if as a female (well just as a human being actually) my immediate impression was so completely the opposite of what this douche is trying to portray that it just totally struck me as hilarious. My second thought was “I oughtta take that bat away and use it on you.” XD Fight fair? My guess is this asshat doesn’t fight at all, not well anyway – just another wanna-be Interwebz Tough Guy, real-life fail. Clown shoes XD

    1. Third thought was that even your condom in your purse was probably getting extra lubricated from you looking at this pic?

    2. LOL Dora I’d be disappointed if you didn’t – I get a bigger kick out of the trolls on this site than the actual posts most of the time

  4. I respect him for obviously being stupid and still understanding grammar. He used the right form of “you’re” and he used the oxford comma. To that I say, “You go Glen CoCo”

  5. i think this guy this guy is a definitly a retarted the nails in the bat arent in all the way so it isnt a lethal weapon and the retarted look on his face just spells wtf

  6. I’ll fight you.
    Fight you as in, “Cuff you around until you cry, call me daddy and bend over.”
    What a little bitch.

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