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    1. @Ambrosia We all know you love it ROUGH.. When you MASTURBATE with your Baseball Bat Fron Ass-o to Cunt and back again till you cum from your Ass-o and cunt…. Than you give your Baseball Bat a Blow-job………

    2. Am I the only one here that believes you have to fantasize all this 2goblow shit to come up with it?
      I mean, am I the only one that thinks 2blowauntflow is kinda odd?

    3. Odd is being kind, whatever gender or combination of genders that TooSlowSlow is, the boy/girl is odd like Amy Winehouse was a little different.

    4. Well PD, I ‘sometimes’ try to be kind. I look at 2slowsuckbigtoe’s comments and think of the old proverb,”But for fuck’s sake, there I go”…or somethin’ like that…

    1. Well, certainly not you.
      I probably owe you one of those apology thingies, but i’m not sure you would accept and if you did, not sure you would understand what I’m apologizing to you for. So, I’d just fuck up, really. Sorry.
      If I did apologize to you; you think you would be okay with it?Just asking. Cause if you think I need to, well, I’ll apologize,…as best I can.
      Heh! Cool?

    2. Wait….so what are you apologizing for exactly? Lol I assumed you weren’t talking about me if that’s what you meant? Either way it’s cool.

    3. If what is what I want??? I’m having a day full of blonde moments mind you… Either that or I’m just that confused! Lol

    4. I sincerely apologize to eveybody for Ambrosia being here. If I owe more of an apology, I’m sure some fuckwits will let me know that I should.
      She’s okay, though, really. She seems to me to be a really good girl. But, then, that’s just my opinion, right?
      Sorry if I’m wrong about her. Maybe I’m just fucked. Sorry…if you think I am…cause…maybe you are? Just sayin? Maybe? Naw. You’re all fucked. Fuck ya. Me and Amby are cool…

    5. You apologize for me being here to everyone? What the fuck? Lol I don’t know what the hell you are talking about then say I’m cool…I don’t know what you are saying here but no one makes you or anyone else talk to or respond to anything I say!

    6. Your fans may be wondering if you’re cool enough to rub your ugly up against me. I’m just saying this because all of my fans keep asking me, “When are you gonna cram dick all up in that chick”.
      And I’m like, “I just like to be a nice guy to her, WTF?”
      People expect so much out of us, don’t they? Such a shame.
      You think we should, at least, personally witness each other’s genitals? Just askin?

    7. BTW: You don’t think Thor or somebody would try to cockblock during this coversation, do ya? Just curious as to what you would think.

    8. Why don’t you ask me what I think, you fuckwit? You want to put me into your drugged up rant, cool, but I can’t cock-block you, because you are too busy cock-blocking yourself. The posts above sound a little like 2lolo’s mindless rants… How much of that eightball did you actually do today?

    9. That’s great! You get to start the weekend early. Everything is going pretty good for me, just normal office b.s…. probably going to go to the gym early to work off the day… What are you going to do with your new found freedom?

    10. 🙂 not exactly sure yet! Working on some dinner at the moment…it been really cold so I’ll probably go wild and stay in! Lol

    11. Holy crap Dora, you are one confusing sumbitch, LOL. I think you were trying to be cool in your own confusing Shutter Island kind of way, but you lost me a couple of times there.

    12. @Thor Hummer and Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED)

      Stop Fighting….. Over Ambrosia…..!!!! DAMN!!! AMBROSIA IS A SLUT..

    13. What would make Ambrosia a slut? You should take a deep look inside yourself… always wanting me to hum on you and Dora to suck your dick… and for some reason you are always thinking of how Ambrosia’s pussy smells… It sounds to me that you are the one with the slut problem and just have no-one to turn to because nobody will touch your aids infested ass…

    14. LOL 2homo…no amount of your sweet pet names for me will make me consider touching you. I’d chop my hands off first.

    15. 2homo should tell his therapist about his fantasies…
      Wait a minute! Maybe he can’t afford a therapist. Maybe he is, unconsciously, trying to confess to us.
      Okay, 2periodflow, tell us about why you find birth videos arousing.

    16. I think 2lolo likes the birthing videos because they remind him of his mom and how she is the only woman whos vagina he will ever be in…

  1. Wow, his sense of humor is developed from watching quick witty hip TV comidians, and then combining his TV knowledge with a complete lack of timing and charm.

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