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    1. would have been nice if they took the effort to make it look real.

      i mean come on they edited the split for the door in there but not the bend for the molding the arm should look like it’s going over a bump with an opening where the chain goes through as well as the hand.
      they coud’ve at least used a picture of a real door with the chain lock, the door looks like standard wood effect in the windows paint effects they door knob and chain look like digitally added especially if you notice that chain isn’t long enough to be taken off. and the spacing is completly wrong there’s no way it would be that much higher than the knob

      also if you notice the way the gap shrinks as you go down by time you get to the bottom of the door they would overlap, and that molding looks mo like logs than an actual door

      before anyone says anything yes i have no life

    2. Really? Wow and I sat here and thought that maybe in some parallel universe, there was a Bruce Lee lookalike posing as a door lock. Man, if everything in the world has to be real looking you might not get a lot of dates with pretty girls.

  1. How does the metal slidey thingy slide across the bracket to unlock if his arm covering it? Why does the door knob look computerized? Why did bruce lee die? Why do all asians look the same? So many questions… not enough time.

    1. Well me, that’s a very good question eh. It can be used in many different ways.
      “That was a good hockey game eh”?- Means lets start a beered up conversation about how great the Montreal Canadians are.
      “This is going to be a cold night eh, so we should probably take our clothes of and snuggle under this quilt for warmth, eh?”. -Looking for an opening.
      Flat out “Eh?” -Means what tha fuck did you just say buddy? Or “EEHHHHHH!!!” -Means I’m hammered, you’re hammered, we’re all fucking hammered so EEHHHHH!!!!.
      “Sorry I woke up naked in your sisters bed eh”?- Accept my apology…you’re only getting one.
      Many different usages. I have just touched the surface of the EH ice burg. The rest is yours to discover pal.

    2. just a question ive had the cantonese have ah in place of your eh looks like 啊 they put it at the end of just about everything but like eh it’s not really needed

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