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    1. OMG!
      “Thorr a dingalingis are same person lol… there IP is from same computer/ labtop.”
      You must be a computer whiz! How did you figure out we are the same person? I was wondering when someone would figure that out!

    2. Over on the Road Rage Fail, Are-homo thinks he’s discovered that Thor and I are one and the same. He’s smart he is.

    3. @Dora Your not Thor Hummer… Your Finger Fuck FRED… The Champ of “ASS2MOUTH”….. How’s Ambrosia Training “ASS2MOUTH” going?????

  1. This is fucking awesome. How have I never thought of this before. I’m making one of these belly nipple shirts as soon as I finish typing this ridiculous comment. My Friday night just got fucking crazy.

    1. Looks like those little bags of chips to me. If your are giving me beer it better something other than Michelob and Bud Light!

    2. Michelob light is good (if you’re into Uhmerican crap beer). The rest of that shit sucks. I’m pretty much into German Heffe Wiessen. That’s real beer.

    3. He’s said several things that made it sound like he was there to witness it. I think he’s sweet on you Dora.

    4. @Ambrosia I’m on the phone with your Daddy. He is telling me when you was 5 years old, you came in his room and started to suck his cock… Hold on.. Your Daddy say for you to come home, NOW… He had a HARD-ON talking about you…..

    5. What the fuck? 5 years old? I get younger every time you tell a daddy story 2pedo. I think you are trying to share some of your fucked up fantastical with us aren’t you? Well don’t. I’d like to have a vagina left and the more you tell your stories, the more it dries up. Fucking creep.

    6. I’ll bet his neighbors won’t let their kids outside when he’s out and about. Bet he’s related to John Wayne Gacy.
      Ha! 2pedo. I should’ve thought of that one.

  2. If your belly is too big for the shirt you want to wear then why not cut a big hole in your shirt? It’s obviously much faster than going on a diet and safer than cutting off your gut.

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