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    1. Couldn’t wait to take the cardboard off of it. Placed it exactly where he needed it just to take this cool pic.

    2. What? You don’t want to see yourself on PornHub? It’s the latest fashion. Then you can get all your gfs to watch. You’d be an internet star.

    3. @Ambrosia Why on the Celling??? You alway on all 4’s So your Daddy can enter you in your Butt and Pussy…. Shit in your pussy…. Is that why your pussy smell like a Rotten Dead Fish…..
      Now I full understand why Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) Went down on you…. Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) Is the Grand Champ for “ASS2MOUTH”……

    4. Shit in my cooch? That’s nasty as hell. I’m not into incest 2homo…just because you boink your daddy doesn’t mean I do.

    5. @Ambrosia Come-on Stop Lying… You been fucking your Daddy from the age of 9…. And had your first ANAL by your Daddy at 10… That is when your Pussy started to Smell bad……

    6. I don’t think you could possibly give off more of a pedohpile vibe than you are right now….fucking creep.

    7. Don’t worry Amb. I keep some vinegar handy to clean out my coffee maker. White vinegar works, right?

    8. That’s fine. Steel wool is good for scrubbing balls. I’ll do it. Comet really gets in the hard to get spots too!

    9. Sorry, I’m allergic to steel wool. You’ll have to use soap and a soft wash cloth. Rinse and repeat.

    10. LOL!! When you didn’t respond earlier I thought maybe I scared you! I’m not a crazy bitch…I swear! 😀

  1. I’m not completely convinced the original showed her own arm. It was reasonably argued at length on Reddit that the sleeve was off-purple, an unusual combination with a BLACK and white striped sweater she was wearing.

    In other words, ‘bae’ did in fact take the picture and he was ducking down and holding up the camera (so as little of him would show in the mirror).

  2. he’s clearly trolling. He’s imitating that girl from a while back on instagram, who didn’t realize that there was a mirror far behind when she took a fake pic of herself sleeping and said it was her boyfriend who took it.

  3. Lol i don’t get how he did not see this when he posted it.. I don’t have a Facebook so idk how that shit works.

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