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    1. It can be too easy to claim ‘photoshop’, but there are no other lines on anyone’s clothes that look so brushed-in as those on the sweater. Calling it 50/50 likely faked.

    1. @Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) That must be your new Boyfriend with Tits…. But I don’t see Ambrosia in this photo..

    2. @Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) That’s your Boyfriend…. I understand he is deeply in love with your “ASS2MOUTH”……. After all you been Voted the Grand Champ of “ASS2MOUTH”…. I hope you teach Ambrosia how to do “ASS2MOUTH” as good as you…. She is so lonely..

    3. Your are just jealous you didn’t win 2homo. But no worries, you are the Grand Champ of dick to mouth. Better luck next time!

    4. You know, 2lolo’s comments are so fucking sad that it’s sometimes just too painful to fight back. You just feel so sorry for him that you just give up. What a sad little fuckwit, you are, 2manho.

    5. @Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) Take a good lok at this pic… That’s DudeTits your Boyfriend/Lover…
      Poor Ambrosia “JEALOUS” DudeTits is Standing up and Ambrosia Tits is falling down to her knees……..

    6. Your comments are so witty and yet so danged hurtful. Let me just roll up in a ball and cry for awhile.

    1. What? You think that’s a…uhm…chick, too?
      Wow, does have a girly face.
      Not that I’m dissing you folks with these “situations”.
      Some of us are just a little unused to them, ya know?
      You are who you are, okay?

    2. BTW: Did you notice that in the Recent Comments they had your comment as “Monkey Tits on Man Boobs Fail”.
      Just thought it was interesting. Just sayin’.

    3. Agreed, I thought it was just a pic of an admittedly androgynous-looking girl. Might be an androgynous guy that’s been photoshopped though!

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