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    1. Your also some fat bastard sitting on your ass going no where hitting on a fat ass bastard that you think is a chick named ambrosia or something like that.

    2. Since you had to throw me in there…I was going to say my lack of a dick would say otherwise to me being a male or a fat bastard for that matter. I then thought of 2homo and Arhomo and realized you can have no dick and still be considered male/fat bastard. Nevertheless, I am a female. So yeah, fuck you.

    3. @Suckit Sorry Ambrosia is not in this pic… I don’t see a FAT UGLY ASS NIGGA in this pic… If Ambrosia ever enter a Hot Tub the water will turn BROWN from her Rotten Dead Fish Pussy….!!!.. And Dora is not Nicky No Name… DORA is “Finger Fuck FRED”…….

    4. I’ll bet if 2blowlow started a band it would be an all kazoo band and he would call it Rotten Dead Fish Pussy.

    1. @Suckit, NO WAY!!! I WILL NEVER LET DORA (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) Suck my Cock….. With all the “ASS2MOUTH” Dora is doing…….. HELL NO!!!!!!

    2. So… The only reason you won’t let Dora suck your dick is because he does ass to mouth? The fact that he is a dude has nothing to do with it?

    3. These gay guys here on this site make me wonder if all gay guys fantisize about resisting my “advances”, while they realize that my “advances” can only happen in their dreams anyway.
      I think 2blowhole is trying to be cute and coy by feigning that I constantly ask him to let me perform fellatio on the fuckwit. Sad, but maybe cute to these other gaylords.
      Not referring to you, Thor. I’m cutting you some slack today.

    4. Well, I mean, obvious gays guys with names like “suckit” don’t bother me because it’s hurtful to them to know that they can’t score with me.
      Now with 2gosolo it seems obvious to me that after he watches all these birth videos, he shouldn’t go with all these bats up his ass comments.
      Maybe I’m just not as keen an observer as I think I am.

  1. The guy in the tub is me and guess what I got to have sex with all of them… they all bent over and I stuck my dick in them one by one…. YEEEE HAAAAA

  2. Look at the 700 fails. That’s from all those douchebags that think they are gods gift to women. This awesomely geeky kid gets props for macking all them chicks. Friend zoned or not. I don’t see them doing shit!

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