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    1. only attack armed man if the first strike makes him unable to retaliate, accelerating for 2 meters with your car won’t accomplish that

    1. Wait so you are the first to let us know how big of a fucking faggot you are? O wait 2faggo already firsted you.

    1. Yes, but if that’s the case this must be a something of a one-off for him. He’s going to draw that thing when a real cop is around someday.

  1. Translated….. That’s Thor Hummer with his Water Gun fill with LUB….. Hey…. Beefy My Ass, Thor Hummer want’s to fill your Butt Hole again…..

    1. @Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) Stop talking with a COCK in your Mouth…..
      @Ambrosia Well after using your Baseball Bat in your Rotten Dead Fishy Smelling Pussy and up your Butt-Hole for the past 3 months…. NO LUB NEEDED…..

    2. 2gaylo can’t afford anything but his own saliva for “LUB”. With cottonmouth like he gets from his usual Dickel drinks, he can’t even afford that.

    3. @Ambrosia Aha….. You know all about LUBE….
      @Dora Only LUB you use is your Shit when you ASS2MOUTH…. How’s Ambrosia Training going????

    4. Sorry Ambrosia, but 2lolo is a lost cause, I don’t think he even realizes that there is a difference between the non-word LUB and LUBE. I do not doubt for one second though that 2lolo uses LUB.

    5. I suspect 2slowblow has a whole vocabulary made up for all these “big four letter words” we all normally use.
      I think his word for love is “cock”. An expression of love would probably be “Hand me my fucking baseball bat so’s I can ‘cock’ myself you Rotten Dead Fishy Smelling Pussy Fuckers”.
      “Dead Fishy Smelling Pussy Fuckers” being females that can’t relate to his sexual frustration of wishing he had genitals similar and that frustrates him even more.
      I think I’m getting into this psychocology stuff pretty well.

    6. Dora…..back away slowly…..if you are starting to understand TooSlowSlow’s back woods chicken fucker speak you’re in too deep. LOL

    7. Did you see the white van? Dora, Punchdrunk and Ambrosia were in there getting raped by a Octopus… hahahaha

    8. Lol @PunchDrunk….I don’t know..if he can understand some of what is in 2homos clusterfuck of a brain he may border on brilliant! @Arhomo-fuck are as lame as ever! Wittle Arhomo need a nap?

    9. I think Are-A-Homo-Eee-Uh! is one of those gay guys I discussed in length earlier. I think he flicks his micropenis while he reads my comments. He’s another that seems jealous of Ambrosia.

    10. Sorry, Amby. I think they’re jealous cause you and I can have a nice an normal conversation. They, especially, hate it when you and I get sexual.
      Well, really; it’s either that or they are jealous of me having a normal conversation with you and are jealous of me, then, in that case. You know; “heteros”.
      I mean, what else can it be? Do they HAVE to read our comments and get mad about it?

    11. These “guys” are always about their little, “My Dick Is Bigger Than Yours” game. Even, and especially, when they have the micropenis problem.
      I was in the infantry. Had to shower with these little prick fucksticks.
      Guys with the littlest dicks always try harder to establish themselves. It’s just a given that these dumbass psychiatrists never discuss. I think psychiatrists are perpetrating a fraud and don’t know shit or they are victims of micropenises themselves. They’re supressing my theory: Little dicked guys may not have a problem, but guys that have a problem with their dicks have a problem.
      2lolo definitely has a problem with his dick. I rest my case. Just sayin’.

    12. Actually that is not funny doralingis.. I actually had to go to the doctor about my penis and they diagnosed me with Big Dick Syndrome…

    13. Damn it! I hate it when you women exhibit your hindsight wisdom stuff.
      Yeah, I think about stuff and all.

    14. Arhomo I’m sure it’s more a case of “wishing” you had a big dick syndrome. I bet you and 2homo are both in the tiny weenie boat.

    15. So, Aromio, your “doctor” diagnosed you with “Big Dick Syndrome”?
      That’s cute. You can’t respect that, though, can you?
      You have sarcasm issues, huh?
      Don’t worry, your fellow uhmuricans have that problem.
      You’re really convinced that you have “Big Dick Syndrome”?
      More power to ya you little dick shamed dude.

    16. When you’re tall you’re tall… when you got a big dick like myself… you got a big dick… pretty simple.

    17. Sorry to contradict, but from what I’ve witnessed it’s you tall guys that have the littlest dicks. I know that Viagra has made you guys confident about yourselves, but when the drugs wear off…you’re still little guys.
      BTW: What is up with all that tall guy microdick shit anyways?

    18. I’m 5′ 6″ and have never had problems from you fuckless tall guys when it comes to competing for females. Am I just imaginining the fact that I have seen your lil’ wee-wees and that girls have talked to me, personally, about your little dicks?
      How long do you expect me to follow through with your lame ass “dick quest”?

    19. Well, do you know Poker? Sometimes you can bluff with a pair of deuces. But if you got a straight flush you’re confident.
      I’m confident.

    20. LOL girls told him that because they didn’t want to hurt his feelings… they were shocked at how small it was so they were thinking and figured they’d lie so they wouldn’t have to think… HAHAHAHA

    21. I am not getting on your case today Dora, but you seem like you are trying a little too hard… Are you trying to convince Ambster of you “size,” or yourself?

    22. Glad you agree on what, you fucking little prick? You speak for Ambrosia now? I was getting off your case, but now you can go suck arhomio you short, little dicked, motherluvin, sheep fuckin, hamster humpin, 2homo fucker!

    23. I don’t mind at all. I do R&D for a manufacturing company. Going on about 13hours for the day………………………………………………….

    24. Well at least you don’t mind it but that’s a lonnnggg day! Were all the periods for added effect? Lol I did feel worse for you…………………………………

    1. LOL @evilshtfire What on earth would make you think I give a fuck what you think? The fact that you admitted that I disgust you just make it more likely that I will continue to comment. That is like telling a crack head to shut up or you will begin hurling crack rocks at them. Poor slow head………

  2. Russian Mafia- the only thing gayer than Thorr’s anus when his uncle comes to visit. They all look like first year Verizon managers with their leased infinitis and knock off Kate Spade holsters. It is amazing how little power $38,000 is. We are looking at the same thing over here in another 20 years with all of the returning PTSD, low employment rate, and bath salts. Enjoy yourselves, folks!

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