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  1. gratuity:
    1. a gift of money, over and above payment due for service, as to a waiter or bellhop; tip.

    2. something given without claim or demand.

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    1. The thing is if you require a tip in the tab that gives waiters incentive to not do their job. If you do your job right you will get tipped. If not then you shouldn’t. I mean if I don’t do my job at work you think the boss should give me a bonus?

    1. From my limited experience going to restaurants in countries where there is no tipping, you get a much nicer experience in the U.S. since the waiter tries to be nice, attentive, and friendly for a better tip. I always got surly service in Europe.

    2. No, they don’t get a pay packet. Waitresses and bartenders are paid below standard minimum wage because tipping is seen as customary.
      It’s usually about 1/3 to 1/2 of standard minimum wage.
      Do research before looking like a dumbass.

    3. @beakt – you haven’t dined in the whole of Europe so don’t make us all out to only being nice for the money – like Americans. I find waitresses and waiters in Britain very polite and excellent at their jobs. I’m sure other countries are as good.

    4. It’s silly to generalise… I would bet my house that wherever you go in the world where there are humans, you’ll find nice and nasty people. In any country in the world there are waiters who are dicks, and waiters who are awesome people.

  2. I may sound like a dick , but I don’t tip . It’s there job to wait on me if I go out . If they want more money . then they should find a different job that pays more or at least minimum wage

    1. Brian, you are exactly what’s wrong with people. It’s nothing to do with finding a better paying job. Believe it or not some of us enjoy our job. It’s also a part time job. Which most servers are. We work TWO jobs, the economy sucks. Don’t be a moron and start tipping. I can assure you, if you’re not. You’re probably eating something gross. We don’t take kindly to assholes like you. There is a cardinal rule here. Don’t fuck with people handling your food. We stick together and we make sure you get what you deserve. So think about that you cheap ass…..

    2. Trust me, despite all the shitty people wich come to a bar/restaurant with their whims and rudeness, if you find a waiter that can serve you, being nice and all, it’s totally deserving a tip…and following your idea then no one should ever serve you around…who doesn’t want to have a better pay ? lol

    3. Brian you’re a fucking douche bag cheap ass loser piece of shit who thinks he’s entitled. The hospitality industry is structured that way for a reason dickhead. If you dont tip, then no one will serve only getting paid $3.10 an hour, if that happens then restaurants would have to triple prices to pay servers so your dumb ass could enjoy a nice evening with your fat ugly bitch wife or girlfriend..or boyfriend.

    4. It is quite a dick move not to tip at all. I understand if the service is bad, but if not, then you are making them pay out of their own pocket to serve you. Not only do they have to put up with your douchebag ass, smile and be pleasant, but they also have to tip out the kitchen and bartender a percentage of your bill, REGARDLESS IF YOU TIP OR NOT. So, since you don`t tip, every time you go out for a bite to eat, the staff who makes less than minimum wage and brings you your food and WAITS on you, also have to pay for the pleasure of doing so. Good job sir, you are an ass.

    5. You’re a fucking moron. For someone acting so smug, you can’t even distinguish ‘their’ from ‘there.’ Eat a dick.

  3. Wow, that scumbag!!! And to anyone who thinks this is a good idea, fuck you! I am a server. I make 5 dollars an hour. I get taxed at 15% of my sales as tips. If you tip less than 15% your making your server pay for part of your meal. This mentality is what’s wrong with the world. You’re not entitled to have your food cooked for you, someone to bring you drinks, someone to do your dishes and clean up after you. This is a service and I was raised if someone is doing something for you that you can do your self, YOU TIP GENEROUSLY!! It’s a courtesy and if you don’t want to tip try McDonalds you inconsiderate ignorant halfwitts….

  4. For all of you assholes who are claiming that you don’t agree with the automatic gratuity, I recommend you decide that BEFORE you sit down and implicitly agree to the restaurant’s rules. Automatic gratuity is typically added to tables of 6 or more and the policy is CLEARLY stated for you to read (if you can read ,that is…). If you don’t want to agree to this policy – take your cheap, sorry-ass elsewhere.

  5. Servers get paid $2.13 an hour and NEVER see a paycheck. They LIVE off your tips. If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to go out to eat, you fucking LOSERS! For the record, 20% is not a lot, that’s the minimum you should give for good service..SMH!

    1. they do it out of choice you mong, why don’t they just get a better fucking paying job, so they dont have to bum off the milk of human kindness.

      i’ll give you a tip should i, the tip of my 12 incher up your arse

    2. NO! Fuckin, no! If you can afford to let a fucking restaurant fuck you for their gigantic profits, fuck you.
      I’m not at fault because you fuckers choose to get fucked.
      Get a fucking job that pays. (Mind you: I’d never disrespect you until I got fucked over by you spitting fucks).
      If not act your class and allow me to be nice. Don’t fucking tell me to be fucking nice. Fuck that shit. I’ll be nice in my own fucking accord.
      I will go out and eat when I fucking feel that I want or can afford to eat out. I won’t call a fucking union and ask you fuckwits if it’s a good idea to go out and eat. Fuck you and your union type attitudes.
      In the mean time, if you fuckwits that don’t like me and feel it is your “civic” duty to fuck me around, spit in my food, and treat me as if I’m second class to your fuckwitted idea of a carreer, then forget my fucking gratuity. I’ll depend on the actual definition and you fuckers that think you should get paid for texting and bumping uglies, while I need another roll or more tea can fuck yourselves and your tip.
      Now, how do you like them mangos?

    3. I was a waitress for a very short time and had a lady pay and her change was 4¢. She smiled and said keep it honey! That’s your tip! What the fuck? What is a 4¢ tip going to do for me? That type of job sucks ass, if people stay thats not my issue. Most of the time when I have gone out the waiters or waitresses are absolute assholes and don’t deserve a tip! I’ll decide what they get, I don’t need someone just assuming I’m going to and add it to the bill.

    4. Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of good waiters and waitresses.
      For the sake of arguing: Let’s fucking agree that there are a lot of asshole waiters and watresses.
      My question is: Are we all supposed to accept responsibility for all of that shit? I mean: how am I responsible?

    5. By “Beef Ass'” standards, then nobody should be a server unless they either have tons of money to burn or are too stupid to get a “better job.” What a moron.

  6. if your server sucks and youre a cheap asshole i guess i would understand not tipping… HOWEVER.. i am a server and i kick ass. I am funny, attentive, and just a general happy person.. given this.. i too think i deserve at least a 15% tip. It is customary in the US so its not greedy… this is why we only get paid $2.83 / hour. For those of you who say “get a better job” i have a bachelors degree and i make more money in less hours than a lot of people with jobs in my profession. Believe it or not there are more generous peoople than cheap people these days.
    I would also like to point out something you dont know. In a lot of restaurants they require you to “tip out” to hosts bussers and bartenders. This dechas nothing to do with how much i make that night on tips; it is soley based on your sales for that evening. At my current job i tip out 2% of my sales. So, if my sales are $2,000 i have to just hand over $40 of my ass kissing money. So, lets say you have a large party and the bill is $1000 and no one decides its a good idea to tip… that means she just paid $20 to serve you

  7. Brian is a fuckn Loser stay home and eat, you lucky you havent tastes thier ball sack musk on you food, cause a douch like you id remember and always tea bag your water

  8. If you live in the States and you dont tip, then you are a fucking moron!

    “It’s THERE job to wait on me if I go out . If they want more money . then they should find a different job that pays more or at least minimum wage”

    You stupid fucking idiot. Don’t go out to eat. If you cant afford to tip then you shouldn’t go out. Then again you’re probably just used to going to Denny’s with the family for a “fancy” dinner anyway.

    There is one rule in the restaurant business that mostly everyone is familiar with, and that is “dont fuck with the people that serve/make your food.”

    1. You know… I cannot disagree with that. While I admit it is not all black people, but most the time when I get a table filled with them, I never expect a tip. Ever. Or “Irish Travelers”.

  9. i think its a win. i usually tip 20-25% but only if the waiting staff did a good job, checked up on the meals and drinks. i dont think it should be set up to automatically take a 20% tip added to the bill.

  10. Simple fact. If you don’t tip appropriately, you’re a jerk. Appropriately being the key word there.
    1. “Get a better jerb!” Wrong. If the person you’re telling this to did, someone else would still have to serve your ungrateful arse and you’d be stiffing them. Still a jerk.
    2. “They’re already paid to do der jerb!” Wrong. Tipped server wages were designed to have at 15% of a tip taken into account. There are even places where servers do not report their cash tips are are just taxed assuming they received 15%. Good system? No, but it’s what we have. And you being a jerk about it does not equal some high moral protest.
    Rationalize it all you want, if you don’t tip you’re cheap and look like a douche to pretty much everyone except your fellow douches.

    1. Ha! Well I don’t know who that imposter is! I assume they were attempting to insult me but really all they did was state that I love sex. So…..whatever.

  11. hey jackasses that keep saying that these waiters and waitresses should get better paying jobs, do you realize without them working you wouldnt have a restaurant to go to? THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK OUT YOUR ASSHOLES…fuckin morons!

    1. She does sound lovely doesn’t she? I especially liked the jackass, asshole and fucking moron compliments!

  12. Tip as they deserve, special service like asking about a special event that we are there for – i.e., birthday and bringing out a dessert without being asked, that is like 30% ++++, failing to keep my drink full and not checking back couple times without hovering – FAIL – less than 10% if anything –

  13. A server tells me but you have to tip 20% I only get paid $2.83 and ok. OK I was here a total of one hour. Minimum wage is $7.50 So $7.50 – 2.83 is $4.67, you were serving 3 other tables at the same time. So 4.67 divided by 4 tables = $1.17 So if I leave $1.67 quit bitching, you told me you wanted minimum wage. That we normally tip 25% is immaterial – you told me repeatedly how much minimum wage is, I got your message

  14. The only thing wrong is them telling you how much to tip this should be up to the person doing the tipping as they have the right to tip more or less as they see fit for the service they got. it is not there for the server to put the amount of tip they think is fair on your bill

  15. I have worked as a waitress. I say ban tipping and pay these people more. To say that it would automatically mean slow rotten service is stupid. My lawyer did a great job for me even though he was expecting no tip. there’s a long list of people who give us good service without being tipped. Have you ever tipped a repairman ?

  16. If a waitress doesn’t receive any tips the employer has to pay to meet minimum wage standards. No employer will keep a waitress that doesn’t make tips. You should not be forced to tip. They should be forced to do their job. Either way the waitress will make minimum wage just not on my dime unless she does her job.

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