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  1. lol, fat yankees think this is romance?
    also, usually it’s a question when you ask someone to marry you. this is an emphasized statement..

    1. Oh lord.Look everyone another internet TROLL aka Albert has come to tell us all of his ignorance. Isn’t that cute.

    1. You seem to get gayer everyday. You should understand that normal people have hungers for other than pizza.
      Is the George Dickel telling you otherwise?
      Amby’s hungry for my tallywhacker. She’s just too ladylike to admit it.

    2. Just let me keep having my little wet dreams. They’re not hurting you, Amb. Just because I’m having sex with you before I ever meet you, that doesn’t mean that I’ve cheated on you…yet.

    3. @Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) What will your Boyfriend Grave Digger JIMMY say when she fine out that you CHEATING on her????

  2. I can’t complain. I didn’t do much better for my wife.
    Well, at least I did it with a cake and put the ring in the middle of it in our shitty apartment and I forgot to get on my knee.
    But why should the man get on his knee? It’s the bitch that should be on her knees when given a nice ring. Bow to me bitch, not the other way around.

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